PT. Asia Paperindo Perkasa

History of Our Company

PT. Asia Paperindo Perkasa was established in 2004, initially occupying 1F and 1G blocks with an area of 9.437 m², which is located in the area of Tunas Industrial Estate. This area is managed by PT.Tritunas Bangun Perkasa. In January 2009, PT. Asia Paperindo Perkasa moved and then occupied the 5D block with a land area of 16.000 m² in the Tunas Industrial Estate area.


To be market leader in Packaging Solution Service in South East of Asia.


It is the mission of PT. Asia Paperindo Perkasa Batam to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to stakeholders through streamlined workflows, largest market share and effective business plan.

Our Services

Design and Testing

Before you order the packaging box for us, we will make a sample box design first to try packaging your product.

Packaging Solution

We will calculate appropriate box size and thickness to keep your product safe in the box.

Quality and Service

We always maintain the best quality and service for our customers.

Warehousing and Distributing

We will ensure the quality of your packaging before it is distributed to you.

Custom Corrugated Services

We serve cardboard orders with sizes and thickness according to customer demand.

Cushion Packaging

We also serve the making of a partition box and Layer pad to maintain the quality of your product.

Machines & Equipments


Equipped with B Flute, and C Flute.

Total capacity : 2.600 MT
Width : 1.600 mm



Equipped with 2 units Flexo Printer ( 3 color, design speed 200pcs/mnts ), 3 units Long Way printer ( 3 color, DS 75pcs/mnts ), 6 units Die-Cut Machines, 4 units Semi-Auto Floder Gluers, 1 unit Full Automatic Gluer, 2 units Manual Stitching Machines and other various supporting machines.



Compression Tester Machine, Bursting Strenght Tester Machine, and other various supporting QC equipments.