PT. Asia Paperindo Perkasa

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Was established in 2004 at Batam-Indonesia, to produce packaging boxes.

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Company Overview

At PT. Asia Paperindo Perkasa, we understand that the retail paperboard packaging provides you an opportunity to speak to your customer. We understand that the package is often what sells the product and what makes it stand out from your competitors' products. So it has to be right - structure, graphics, color, fit, and protection.

It is essential that the integrity of your brand is maintained during the process of creating the perfect paperboard packaging for your product. We work with you to understand your marketing challenge, your budget challenge, your schedule challenge. Then we deliver the optimal mix of services needed to create carton-related product that are not only eye-catching, but effectively achieve your goals.

We keep our costs competitive through streamlined workflows and processes. And our powerful material supply chain, achieved through our strongly support from sister company, allows us to offer competitive price.

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Our Product

Having been in the folding carton manufacturing business for 18 years, we have made it our goal ensure that our customers benefit from that longevity and level expertise. As technologies have evolved, we have continuosly invested in newer and better equipment and manufacturing processes.